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Tax Representation Services

IRS penalty relief, offers-in-compromise

and installment agreements

Tax Representation

Our full-service tax audit representation can help you save time and money.  We specialize in IRS penalty relief, offers-in-compromise, and installment agreements. 

Why Choose Downs Tax

For many years, Downs Tax Prep has helped small business owners negotiate their tax audits with the IRS.

The company is founded by Jessie Downs, an Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Resolution Consultant who can serve as your IRS representative. After many years of working with hundreds of clients, she and her staff are well-versed in these areas: 

  • IRS Penalty Relief
  • Offers-In-Compromise
  • Installment Agreements

Full-Service IRS Representation Service 

With our full-service tax audit representation, we can cover all your needs. First, we can help you identify the documents--e.g., financial statements, bills, receipts, budgets, and other related information--that you can present to the IRS proving that your claimed deductions and expenses are valid.

Stress-Free IRS Representative 

  • We can respond to any IRS correspondence you receive.
  • Provide you representation before the IRS.
  • Contact the IRS on your behalf, so you don’t need to deal with them directly.
  • Find remedies if the solution seems unfair or extreme.
  • When applicable, we can initiate the appeal process if the auditor’s findings still insist that you owe more money. 

What Is A Tax Audit? 

A tax audit, which starts as a notice from the IRS, requires you to explain your expenses, deductions, and income. For many small business owners, this could be a nerve-racking experience because it requires a profound knowledge of the tax codes and regulations in order to defend themselves.


Do you have questions regarding tax preparation?

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Call us so we can discuss your tax preparation needs and how we can help you take advantage of all the deductibles and credits you are eligible to receive. 

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